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younger child video 幼儿视频

baby 指的一般是刚出生的小孩子..3岁以下的吧至少.就是小宝贝那个意思.比BABY更小的是 infant. kids 和 children 差不多一样. 但是 KIDS 是指 小孩, 指得是客观的小孩 多一点 . children 还有子女的意思. 比如说 my children = 我的孩子们. 这种...


When children are very young, they learn from their grandparents and parents what is proper and good behavior. A two-year-old child always 36 of himself or herself first. Sometimes, he or she tells people “This is 37 .” Of cour...

你好 首先回答你问题,不可以互换的 这类词还有kids、teenager等 kids 和 children 差不多一样. 但是 KIDS 是指 小孩, 指得是客观的小孩 多一点 . children 一般指5~13岁的孩子。还有子女的意思. 比如说 my children = 我的孩子们. 这种意思多一...

约翰丹佛的歌曲《today is the first day of the rest of my life (sugacity) 》.

As I was slowly passing, an orphans home today I stopped for just a little while to watch the children play A lone boy standin', and when i asked him why He turned with eyes that could not see, and he began to cry I'm nobody's ...

children是只未达到teenager青少年的年龄,一般是5~12岁,你又加了young那就是偏小的, 翻译的活可以直接翻“孩子们”或者“小孩子们”,不用指出年龄的

是这个不 http://wenku.baidu.com/view/a5e1f069a45177232f60a2ce.html 或者这个? http://wenku.baidu.com/view/fca4c1c708a1284ac8504376.html 我从这找的 http://wenku.baidu.com/search?word=%D4%F5%D1%F9%D5%FD%C8%B7%BD%CC%D3%FD%BA%A2%D7...

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