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the vow电影观后感英文版本,150字左右,见附件。 使用手机版可能看不到附件,请用电脑访问。

还好我没删,我下的是中英文的,只要这几句是吧? 我喜欢查宁塔图姆

take the vow of poverty 以贫穷的誓言 poverty 英[ˈpɒvəti] 美[ˈpɑ:vərti] n. 贫穷; 缺乏,不足; 贫瘠,不毛; 低劣; And I would do anything for love, and I'll take the vow and seal a pact. 而我愿意为爱做任何...

皮皮播放器 里面有高清的

Love I loveL-O-V-E,Love... La...love, I will not give you riches. Riches are not my wishes I ll give you the vow of my life. ...

you're out of the church at the backdoorDon't wait or say a single vowYou need to hear me outand they said speak nowDon't say yes' run away ...

Lovely is the feelin' now Fever temperatures risin' now Power (ah power) is the force the vow That makes it happen It asks no questions ...

love is not the strong vow but the simple accompany. 爱不是海誓山盟,而是简单的陪伴。 vow [英][vaʊ][美][vaʊ] n. 誓言;郑重宣布 vt.& vi. 起誓,发誓;郑重宣告


My heart is torn yet you smile the sameI'll break the vow and I'll tell myselfThe words that free me from youStrike me harder nowPush me to ...

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