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pop-up n. 〈美〉枪击,弹出 camper n. 露营者

【军事】基地兵营(部队实施训练的固定营地或相对固定营地) base有基地的意思

We were like young kids buying our camper and stocking it with all the ... 2013-12-06 写一篇POP MUSIC的英语作文50到60字左右 5 2014-10-05 求...

which activity does he want to take part in,pop music concert or Chinese...: Generally speaking, he is one bustles about actually the happy camper. ...

歌曲名:Vorrei (Live) 歌手:Roberto Vecchioni 专辑:Camper Vorrei Lunapop Alla mia carissima amica YANA^^ Vorrei, vorrei... esaudire tutti i ...

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