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A little boy invited his mother to attend his school’s first teacher-parent parent meeting. To the little boy’s 36 ,she said she would go. This 37 be the first time that his classmates and teacher 38 his mother and he felt 39 o...

1. The young mother left in a hurry,with her little boy _crying__behind .


has never went我也不知道对不对,不过这里是讲这个小男孩以前没出去过,(所以)他妈很担心他,属于过去某时所做的事对现在的影响,用现在完成时比较好,貌似貌似,仅供参考哈

其实简单点说一般keep off=keep away from,使……远离

so you are lost,little boy.Why didn't you hang on to your mother's skirt: 翻译为:所以你迷路了,小孩子,你为什么不紧紧拉住你妈妈的裙子呢? 记得采纳啊

D 试题分析:句意:当这个小男孩的母亲进屋的时候,他假装睡着了。分析:考查固定短语:pretend to do sth.假装做某事。同进asleep 是形容词,因此,短语为be asleep.故选D

B 试题分析:句意:怎么了?年轻的妈妈看起来很着急。他的小男孩发烧了。have a fever是固定词组,结合句意,故选B。

Did begin to cry didn't see

1.No Charge 2.For all the trying times ,and all the tears that you’ve caused through the years , there’s No Charge. 3.add it all up4.Love of our mothers is great and we should appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. 5.然...

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