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Artist: Liz Phair Song: Russian Girl Album: Whitechocolatespaceegg Demos Intro: E A B Verse: E5 A5 B5 (Played with with a gallop) E----------------------------------| B----------------------------------| G-------------2-22--4-4...

Russian girl, you are in my life so true Russian girl, you always seems so kind when the time when you are passing by so I see your lonelyness tonight all the time all the ways I looking for like painting and piano from your ho...

Russian girl Its’ for Olga (Olga), beautiful Russian girl… (beautiful Russian girl…) Russian Girl You’re in my life so true Russian Girl You always seem so kind When the time When you are passing by So I ‘ve seen your loneline...

http://www.songtaste.com/song/412373/ 树子 Russian girl


russian girl [attachment=3606] kM l@v` (不知道谁唱的,也没有去找这首歌曲太多的详细资料,自己附加了一张自己空间里的图,免的显得单调)呵呵…… vbRrk($` 无意中听到一首歌曲,细细的品味还很不错,听完就知道没哄大家!然后找了很久才把它...


歌手Liz Phair

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