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Jason, ha ha
 Jason Derulo…/杰森·德鲁罗 
Get jazzy on me /让我嗨起来吧 I’m the flight that you get on, international /我飞翔旅行 你也跟著上 畅游国际 First class seat on my lap girl
/第一课 就是坐在...

你好楼主: 信息如下请楼主查收 105 is the number that comes to my head105萦绕在脑海When I think of all the years I wanna be with you 我想每一年都与你陪伴相守Wake up every morning with you in my bed 早上醒来有你相伴在床边That's p...

it girl in my head ridin solo don t wanna go home 是我最喜欢的他唱的歌,~

Walking the dog in my neighborhood 我在家附近遛狗 Said I never would for you 我曾说过我永远不会为你这样做 I got drunk on a monday night 我礼拜一晚上喝醉了 Hope it looks alright 希望看起来会很不错 Tattoo a few, uh 我去纹了点身 I...

Never thought that I'd say wish I didn't love you ever 从未想过我会说出希望自己从未爱上你这样的话 Since the first date when you got close my heart 自在第一次约会你深深打动我的心开始 Would just stop thought me and you together w...

Title:In my head Artist:Jason Derulo Translated by 535242579 Everybody's looking for love. Oh. Oh. 每个人都在寻找爱情,噢 Ain't that the reason you're at this club. Oh. Oh. 难道这不是你在这间俱乐部的原因吗,噢 You ain't gonna...

jason看あ地zhiid →http://m.baidu.com/tc?ref=8&srd=1&=&dict=32&=&bdenc=1&nsrc=http://av7m.com&et=08Geq7103w7DM1w4U 跟jason derulo合唱want to want me的小萝莉叫什么?

杰森德鲁罗 迈瑞密

听他的歌 《 in my head >开头他有说

In the beginning 最早的时候 I never thought it would be you 我从没想到会是你 When we were chillin 在一起放松 Smiling in the photo booth 在相棚里笑得开心 But we got closer (Yeah) 当我们接近(Yeah) ‘Till you were eating off my spo...

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